Bethany Projects

Bethany Projects, led by Marcia Vogl, has partnered with Hidden With Christ Ministries to bring a vital ministry of personal prayer ministry, teaching, and mentoring to the Body of Christ.

The threefold mission of Bethany Projects is to minister deliverance and freedom through the power of the cross of Jesus Christ; to mentor in Biblical principles applied to life choices; and to foster discipleship with Christians who are actively engaged in taking Christ into the world and influencing their environment.

Marcia provides sessions of individual prayer counseling, and mentoring in person or via Skype. There will be workshops in which participants apply and practice Biblical principles for living. On request, she also leads retreats and seminars for groups with special goals.

Marcia also leads the "Mary and Martha Suppers" which are intimate gatherings of 12 women who dine together, fellowship, and step into the presence of the Lord. The event takes place the first Friday of each month in Santa Ana, CA.

Her vision is to assist Christians to fulfill the purposes God intended for them in their home, workplace, church, and community. She works trans-denominationally offering training and coaching in order to launch others in the ministry of mentoring through Biblical principles.

Marcia has been involved in personal prayer ministry since 1992. She holds a BA, and an MS in music education, and has trained at Elijah House and Wagner Leadership Institute with a specialty in women's ministry and deliverance. Residing in Southern California, Marcia has been married for 41 years, has 3 adult children, and 2 grandchildren.

For more information or to contact Marcia Vogl go to or visit the Bethany Projects facebook page